Poppy & Co.

Hi, I'm Kelsey.

A bit weird, silently funny, a frequent user of the phrase, “oh gosh!,” and a lot in a little.

Speaking of little, here’s a little about me...

Upon first glance, one might notice that I stand at an astounding 4 foot 10 inches. Through my life, tiny yet empowering women have always been a theme. It has defined what my family is today. Although the definition of family is expansive and always changing, there is always a story there. My family is the backbone of how I see and photograph the world. Coming from a very large family (I am 1 of 55 cousins, to be exact), I learned to take a step back and really look, listen, and observe. Oh — and I had something called selective mutism during my childhood, so there was a lot of free time to look, listen, and observe. Through taking a quiet backseat, I was able to see the beautiful mess of family. The good stuff and sometimes the not so good stuff but always the real stuff. Each time finding the story of underlying love.

For me, family expands beyond aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends. The people I photograph become more than clients, they become part of my ever growing family. And as your photographer, it is an honor to be a part of these celebrations and occasions in your family's story; whether it be a wedding, new baby or just another day. And just like family, I will cry, laugh, and enjoy these moments alongside you. We will make and capture memories you might’ve otherwise forgotten. Connecting something that is presently funny and playful, to something that will eventually be sentimental and nostalgic.

The photographs and home videos that have stuck with me are those that tell a story of who I am. All of my cousins crammed into a covered wagon going on the Oregon Trail trip with Granny + the cousins; the neighbor boy and me, at age 4, kissing under the 4th of July fireworks; home videos of dancing in the kitchen to music from 'The Wizard of Oz,’ dragging my sister in circles (Fun Fact: I would only answer to 'Dorothy' for years of my life.); home video of my mom's siblings as kids, sitting on the couch passing brand new baby #11 haphazardly down the line (see marker 1:03 down below).

These kinds of photos and videos that stick with you are a reminder that, there’s no place like home. These are the split second instances that tell the story of who you are.

So let’s get candid and celebrate you, your family and the seasons of life, wherever that may be! Let’s tell your story.